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CarFiX is a digital platform specifically created and designed to support car owners on their vehicle maintenance experience. We aim to facilitate choice and control. We believe that the consumer must have choice and the service providers must canvas for consumer business. The consumer pays for work done, after all. We support your Right to Repair (R2R) as you choose

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About CarFiX

CarFiX is an online marketplace for vehicle maintenance and repairs. We provide customers with:

  • Multiple quotations for any vehicle repair or service from various workshops located in the customers vicinity
  • Booking the vehicle in on the selected date at the selected workshop
  • make informed decisions on which workshop they would prefer to have their vehicle serviced at
  • providing structure to a previously unstructured marketplace

CarFiX allows consumers to create personal and vehicle profiles, completely free of charge. The profile set up is done when a customer wish to register. When you need a service done or require some repair, the customer simply selects their requirements and issue a request for quote (rfq). This rfq. is sent to all the service providers in your target group. Within the hour we aim to return up to 5 quotes that the customer can choose from. All quotations are relayed through the CarFiX platform in a list format, with the ability to open and break down each quotation line by line, ensuring transparency (“comparing apples with apples”).




  • Register profile for self and vehicle(s)
  • Issue a rfq to target service providers when you need work done.
  • Obtain multiple quotes
  • Select the preferred quotes based on offers, ratings and location.
  • Schedule a job appointment.
  • On delivery of your vehicle to the workshop, you capture the condition of the vehicle.
  • Connect to Service Provider courtesy drop off service or use a CarFiX Uber voucher.
  • When the workshop identifies something else that needs attention on your car, you get to approve or reject additional work request.
  • Payment done on the CarFiX app, to speed up vehicle collection.
  • Rate the service provider experience.
  • Compile a record of work done on your car, to manage warrantees and as evidence of maintenance record when you resell the car.


  • Register the workshop profile.
  • Detail your profile with all your workshop credentials and value proposition including pictures.
  • Inform the market of the OEM brands you support, as well as the range of work types, your workshop is equipped to undertake.
  • Receive requests for quotes from customers needing work done.
  • Present your quotations on a completive basis.
  • Allow for jobs to be scheduled via the CarFiX platform to enable planning.
  • Capture condition of vehicle on arrival at the workshop to minimize condition disputes.
  • CarFiX enables an efficient and convenient means to communicate inspection results and additional work that may be required within the App.
  • Once a customer accepts additional work, invoice template is updated.
  • Completion of final invoice is automated by the system.
  • CarFiX takes care of payment and accepts responsibility for funds. Workshop receives transaction payment with 24 hours of transaction.
  • Manage your ratings and attract more business based positive on ratings.


  • CarFiX recognize the important role that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) play in building their brands, setting the standards and we support the right of OEMs to have IP protection. CarFiX is however committed to put the consumer at the heart of our business model, protecting Right to Repair (R2R), and encourage independent Service Providers to obtain the required OEM accreditation to be able to work on all brands of cars.
  • We work with OEM brands to ensure that standards are maintained, and consumers are protected from illicit practices.
  • On this OEM page we can feature the OEM brands:
    • Toyota
    • Isuzu
    • BMW
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Ford
    • Volkswagen (VW)
    • Nissan


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