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What is CarFiX?

The CarFiX platform is a digital marketplace for vehicle maintenance. It has been created to address consumer frustrations during car repairs and to offer consumers control and choice when they need to service and repair their cars. We connect consumers to vehicle service and repair service provider workshops.

We support Right to Repair (R2R) principles. We believe that the consumer must have choice and control who to may work on their cars and the service providers must persuade them that they deserve to be selected. Our digital marketplace therefore connects consumers on an informed basis. We aim to digitise the engagement and generate vehicle records that is safely stored in the cloud.

Support vehicle owners to keep control, of the vehicle service and repair process and generate the records during the period of ownership and beyond.

Why CarFiX?

CarFiX is the digital platform specifically created and designed to support car owners on their vehicle maintenance journey. We aim to facilitate choice and control. We believe that the consumer must have choice and the service providers must canvas for consumer business. The consumers pays for work done, after all. We support your Right to Repair (R2R) as you choose.

CarFiX car owner users, register, build their profiles including the vehicle details, free of charge. To issue a request for quote also no charge. You will pay for the service and repair as per the quotes or estimates. You are able to plan you vehicle maintenance better. Car owners can use the platform to store vehicle service details.

We mainly onboard RMI registered Service providers. You will know what the credentials are of service provider who provide you with a quote.
CarFiX will also provide for a SP rating system to that users are able to select SP quotes on the strength of the past ratings and reviews.
CarFiX raise a transaction fee as a small percentage of the transaction value. When there is a dispute before, during or after the transaction CarFiX is there to help facilitate the resolution of the dispute.

Why is CarFiX getting a transaction fee?

CarFiX is investing capital cost and operational infrastructure support into setting up and creating the platform that connect car owners to service providers. We support consumers and Service Providers to get on to the platform and build their profiles so that others may make informed decisions. Our entire operation is set up to support the connections between consumers and Service Providers.

CarFiX further ensures that the consumer is able to issue their RFQ to targeted service providers. Only Service Providers, who has capability to support your vehicle brand, perform the type of work that is required and within the selected location radius will be able to provide a quotation. We aim to get up to 5 quotes to the consumer within an hour.

Service Providers will share business profile information that will inform consumers of their offering, at no charge. CarFiX operates on a similar basis than other marketplace platforms such as Airbnb, Uber and Takealot.

How Does it work?

The consumers (vehicle owners) download a mobile app. You load vehicle details and basic personal profiles once off. The registration sets up access to the facilities on the platform. In the event that a user needs a service or repair done, the car owner issues a request for quotation (RFQ). The CarFiX system will push such RFQ to service providers (SPs) connected to the platform based on your individual requirements. Appropriate Service Providers gets notified of your RFQ and then able to offer quotations and present offers to the issuer car owner. We aim to get a maximum of 5 quotes to the owner within an hour. The owner then choose the SP who will be allocated the job.

The platform confirms the scheduled appointment date to both parties. On the day of the service the vehicle is dropped at the agreed time. Pictures taken on delivery of the vehicle, confirms the condition of the car on arrival. Confirmation of the work that will be done is communicated and you may enjoy the drop-off service of the SP. Alternatively, CarFiX will offer you a Uber R60 voucher towards you personal use.

The App will prompt the owner of any additional work that has been identified after the initial physical inspection. The consumer accepts or rejects the quote for additional work. We encourage ethe workshop to provide good supporting information on why the additional work is required and the consequences of delaying such work further.

Via the App you will see progress on the work done on your car. When it is ready of collection you are informed. A simple and secure card payment allows you to settle the bill for work done. The owner is issued a detailed report on work done and it adds to your records of services.

What do you get from registering on CarFiX?

Registration is free of charge. Once registered you have access to a broad range of services and service providers, ready to quote you for work that you need to have done on your car. You are in control. You get up to 5 quotes for any job you want to have done, without any obligation.

The CarFiX platform protects your personal information so that it is only used as stipulated by you.

For Service Provider workshops, they have access to the growing pool of decerning consumers. A SP will be able to quote on jobs that otherwise they would not have been considered for. We typically allow consumers within your area to be exposed to what you offer and what your credentials are. A SP gets to join the future of vehicle ownership management.

How do you know your information is safe?

CarFiX is committed, compliant and supportive of the Privacy legislation (POPI ACT). We are also supportive of your right to know (PAIA). The CarFiX purpose is to support consumer rights and consumer choice.

What is Right to Repair?

The Right to Repair (R2R) Campaign is all about ensuring that consumers have choice. It is against the control that OEM’s (big car manufacturer brands) have on where customers must service and repair their cars. CarFiX is a supporter of R2R and you can find more information here.

What if I am not happy with the work done on my car?

Your first call is to inform the SP that did the work. Attempt to have the matter resolved with the SP. You may register complaints at

We will follow up on your behalf and attempt to support the resolution of your complaint. We are on your side, however we aim to ensure fairness. The evidence created in the communication will be used to resolve the matter.

Once I am happy with the Service Provider work and I want to go back for follow-up work, may I contact them directly?

Of course, you may. We strongly discourage it for the following reasons. Any work done outside of the CarFiX system will not be recorded on your vehicle profile. This may make follow ups and warrantee management more challenging for you.
We encourage our platform users to use the platform consistently so that you have a complete record of all work done on your car in one place. This record will assist you with enforcing warrantees, inform a next SP of what was done at what point and save you time and money in the long run. It is your car and your records. Remember you have control of your vehicle records at no cost. Furthermore, if there is a dispute on work done and paid for, we will not be able to assist.

Why register my profile if my car is running perfectly?

We encourage the registration of your profile before work is required because, the day that you have a problem with your car, it will be more time consuming to load critical information such as a VIN number and the rest of your car details. Should you have the profile already loaded, you can expect to get help within minutes. It is a somewhat like an insurance policy, that you have just in case sh** happens. Be prepared, it cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Ensure that way you are armed and ready.

How do I join/ download the App?

The app can be downloaded at both the Android and the iOS store by simply searching for CarFiX and clicking on the install button. Service Providers for vehicles can register their business on

What can I expect when I sign up?

Only a few steps get you there; after downloading the app you simply click on the register button, fill in your personal information as well as your car/s information, then you should be ready to get some of the most competitive quotes in the market.

How can I reach a SP in the case of an Emergency?

Easy! Just use the Request a Quote button in-app and you will instantly see various Service Providers based on your location! After that, it’s all just a click away.

How long will they take to get to me?

When servicing your car, it would normally need to be booked with into the store service provider days prior, in the case of an emergency repair, you would need to request the quote and find out which SP’s are near you, then you would be able to communicate with them and setup your spot and their closest convenience.

Are SPs negotiable on their quotes?

This would depend on the SP, we work with SPs nationwide and we cannot confirm that you would be able to strike a deal. Service Providers will offer you their best quote and once you accept the quote you will know how much you can expect to pay.

How would I know about service specials?

CarFiX allows for Service Providers and Suppliers to advertise their specials. Please log onto the app for the latest available specials.

What are the key benefits of downloading and using the App?

Getting a decent service quote can be tedious and even worse, expensive. CarFiX gives you the option to choose; you can pick the best SP for you based on location as well as pricing. You are in full control of your time and no longer have to spend a long time on the phone just to get a quote or make an arrangement for your vehicle servicing and more.

Do you assist with competitive car hire rates if my vehicle needs to remain in the workshop for more than a day?

We are assessing the consumer needs in this regards. The CarFiX business is driven by consumer needs. Once we have evidence of the need to connect Car rental companies to the platform we will do so.


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